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Energy, Food, Water Nexus for South Africa


The South African National Energy Association (SANEA)
will be hosting a 2-day conference as a platform to
share knowledge and information about the
Energy Food Water Nexus for South Africa

Energy, food and water are central to sustainable development and contribute directly to human wellbeing, economic development and poverty alleviation; with enormously significant linkages and cross impacts among the different areas.

The demand for all three are increasing, driven by growing human populations, increased energy needs, adverse weather patterns, urbanisation, economic growth and resource degradation and scarcity among other issues.

Agriculture and energy production are the worlds largest and second largest users of water and more than 25% of the world’s energy usage is for the food production and supply value chain (UN Water). The economic and social challenges triggered by the nexus in these 3 critical elements require an integrated approach to ensure sustainable development, resource efficiency and human survival.

According to research conducted by the WWF, South Africa as a water scarce country with little arable land and high dependency on water intensive coal fired power generation technologies is signficantly exposed to constraints in these elements.

SANEA aim to deliberate the key issues and integrated approaches impacting the nexus as a basis to look at potential solutions and options for sustainable development within the interdependencies amongst these elements.

Join SANEA on this thought leadership and critical thinking journey as an understanding of the Energy Food Water Nexus for South Africa and its integrated issues are unfolded in a 2-day discussion involving key experts from business, government and civil society.


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